Friday, July 5, 2013

You Wore WHAT?!?!

Adios, Mediterranean! (New projects, new horizons; updates soon!)

It's a new year!!

Let the games begin! :)

2014 is coming!!! xD

 Are you ready?? (Let's see how the British do it...)

Merry Christmas to All!!!

 What? The British need love, too! :P

"Pick your Poison"
Black or brown, that is... lol
Indeed, black is a classic color. Timeless, even. But I'm convinced that there is a direct correlation between the frequency that a person wears black (no matter how well!) and their mood. (It seems the French are paying a high price for their taste in couture! Hmm..)

"Day-to-Night...or Night-to-Day"

 Getting Western Europeans to part with khaki is like trying to get Americans (Okay, fine, "U.S. citizens" to part with their religion--not happening!)  

"A Splash of Color"
I altered this dress a while ago. After seeing the constant parade of nudes and neutral here, I was overdue for some color!

The "black and white" combination is as familiar and comforting as peanut butter and jelly--you can't go wrong. (Oh how I miss peanut butter! Nutella just can't compare.)

"Sunshine and Bliss"

 This describes how I felt on this day. Little did I know that the palm trees were about to betray me...

"Island Blues"

 Yep. All that talk about sunshine and mild winters came to a halt. You see, despite the fact that this is an island, and there are palm trees as far as the eye can see, the temperature definitely drops during the winter. (The real question is how the trees are able to survive??)
"Subtle Reminders"

Just when I've come to terms with the weather, it reminds me that, being an island, it can do whatever it feels. My response? So can I! :P

"Euro Chic"

Things are about to get a lot simpler! Let's see what I can come up with... :n)

 "Urban Vacation."


Made this baby!!

This shirt stated off as a plain white cotton t-shirt. I tye dyed it during a kid-related event, and I HATED the result. As usual, after letting it sit for a while (like over a month), I realized that because the pattern made me so uncomfortable that I actually LIKED it! So I ended up liking it only because I didn't like it. (Weird, right?) After I realized that I could jazz it up even more, it ended up looking like this:

And the rest is history! (Of course now I love it lol!)

I (heart) shagadelic paisley!!
(Didn't make it, though I did alter it slightly.)

I made this!!!

Happy birthday, U.S.A.!! Believe it or not this shirt started off as an extra large men's bathrobe (complete with pocket), and the tassel is probably a decoration of some sort lol! Made this in an hour with no math, no measuring, (there was no time!), and with the sewing machine set-up on the floor. (Why? Because sitting it on top of a table would've only taken up more of the time that I DIDN'T have!)

As a person who loves surprises, I had to make the back a little more interesting.. It's my favorite part, of course! :^)
(Brings new meaning to "land of the free"!) Cue the fireworks, baby!!! xD

....And this!

                                                  ........And this!!

I didn't make this, but I rocked it! Super old--straight from my aunt's closet!

Stay tuned!! :)