Global Fashion!

Hello, my lovely internationalistas! :) Without further ado (and while I work on rolling out my spring pieces lol), I would like to introduce you to a few of my newest friends: sarees! These dresses are the epitome of femininity--flowy, soft, and regal in every way. While they are versatile enough for practically any weather, the eye-catching colors, prints and patterns are the perfect way to help you wash off winter and invigorate your sense of adventure--just in time for spring!! Looking to dive into a new culture without the hassle of  packing? Allow my friends at to give you a quick lesson in the art of saree wearing!

Indian Sarees - Eternally fashionable!

Saree, the much popular traditional Indian wear, epitomizes true fashion in every sense. Imagine, a saree is intrinsically nothing but a 5 to 6 yards long fabric that you drape yourself in. But ironically, that's exactly where the fun is. Fashion is all about doing something new, experimenting and having fun. And this is what makes sarees so irresistibly fashionable.

From the style of draping a saree to the myriad of designs, colors, fabrics options you can choose from, sarees have indeed become much more than just a traditional Indian attire. Sarees can up your style quotient by adding that feminine elegance while playing on the oomph factor at the same time.

So, where can you wear a saree, you ask? Well, the answer is pretty much anywhere! If you know your fashion then you'll know better then restricting sarees to just occasional/festive wear. In case you love experimenting, team up sarees with trousers or loose hipster pants and jazz up an otherwise traditional look!

If the idea of donning a saree is already beginning to excite you then it's necessary for you to know how to drape a saree. After all, draping yourself in 6 yards of heavy fabric can't be a cakewalk. Especially if you're a first-timer. Wearing this elusive garment is an art.

Draping a Saree - Get it Right!
Basic Ingredients - A saree, a petticoat (underskirt) and a blouse. And in case you don't get it right the first time, a lot of patience too!
1. The very first step is to be comfortable and rid yourself of the misconception that a saree can restrict your mobility. Once you've achieved that, begin with the steps below.
2. Hold the inner end of your saree with your left hand.
3. Make sure the hem is touching the floor and tuck the inner end border into your petticoat.
4. Pass on the saree to the front. Make sure you maintain the same height so that the hem is even.
5. Keep the top edge level and tuck in a little in order to keep the saree in place (you could use a safety pin to aid you in that!)
6. Now, start folding the pleats from right to left while holding the top edge of the saree.
7. Here's the tricky bit - Hold all the pleats together and tuck them in. You have to make sure that the length of the saree and hem is even (Safety pins to the rescue again, to hold the pleats together)
8. Once that is done, bring the remaining part of saree around your body.

      9.  Hold it in your right hand and pass over the left making sure the border is even. 

     10. Drape on your left shoulder. This part of the saree is known as the 'pallu'. You can let the pallu rest on your shoulder or let it fall casually.

Of course, these are just basic steps to get the classic saree look.
There aren't any boundaries and you can always experiment with the look keeping your personal style in mind! So? What are you waiting for? View  your own collection of sarees online, right away at Barcode91!