How to Buy

If there is no "Buy Now" button, then it's simple:

You: Browse the site, see something that you love, and e-mail me at your name, the name(s) of the item(s) and the amount that you'd like to pay for the item(s).

I: Check that there are no other bids on the item, and, provided that your bid is reasonable, agree to your price. Then the item is yours--no questions! (Remember: the pieces are meant to be low-cost, but not free! Please give a reasonable number so as to facilitate the process for the both of us.) If for some reason I feel that your bid is, in fact, unreasonable, I will inform you of such and we will take it from there. **Note: I want this to be as much fun for me as it is for you, so PLEASE don't make me do this!** Thank you! :)
After confirming your price with you, I will then send you a tiny e-mail invoice.

You: Upon recieving the invoice in your inbox, click on the link to pay securely using the PayPal website. (You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to do so!)

I: Wait for your payment to clear through PayPal, and ship the item(s)!

You: Eagerly await your newly-acquired companion and ponder the limitless possibilities for adventure and meeting new people! :)

But wait, there's more!
The GREAT NEWS is that the person who bids and PAYS first wins the item! That means that even if your bid is less than the subsequent bid that I receive, but you pay in a timely manner, the piece is yours! The moral of the story? Bid quickly and reasonably, and avoid any competition whatsoever! That's it!

Getting it to Your Door:

*The flat fee for domestic shipping within the USA mainland is $4.95, regardless of the number of items purchased. All pieces will be shipped within one business day of cleared payment, via regular mail. (If you think that you will need it sooner, please inquire during the payment confirmation stage and BEFORE you receive your invoice, and we can make arrangements for expedited shipping. It'll cost more, of course.)

**INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS NOW AVAILABLE!! :) Please inform me prior to bidding or buying!

Giving it Back:

*Unfortunately, in order to ensure the integrity of each item, NO RETURNS will be accepted. I have listed the measurements of each item under the "specifics" heading, but if you are really unsure about the size/fit of an item, please inquire about it via e-mail. (Keep in mind that this adds an extra step to the process, and could thus, jeopardize your actual chances of winning the item. Or maybe it won't. I just want to be clear.)

 In addition, because each piece is carefully hand-picked by yours truly to ensure that they are timeless, durable and unique (not to mention that they've led me on adventures), parting with each piece is an emotional experience for me. Remember ladies: Nothing is worse than being on an emotional rollercoaster with the "hot item" in your life, so please don't attempt to send me on one. ;) Once it's gone, it's gone!

**If you are not satisfied with the item, due to an error of my causing, please kindly contact me directly to discuss.**