I (Heart) Nail Art!!

So, I think that this tab is probably long overdue. Another form of self-expression, chez Renee. My therapy, if you will. ;)

Nail art is
to my fingers!

Another beautiful day at the park!
 Hula hooping really should be a sport.
Just sayin. :P

Life is a picnic...

...or so I'm told! lol

 An ode to treads...
Or treading.

Are all red, brick roads to be followed?


Hello, Spring :n)
The letter "X," in all its ubiquity, still makes its own statement.

Back to bright!

 ...and glitter!

Imperfection at its finest.
(Recycled colors courtesy of TSA.)

Beach time, baby!!
 Easily one of the best in the world. Complete with all of the essentials:
 Sun, sand, sea and...
SKY! Dream big, folks!! :)

Happy New Year!!! :D
"Asian flashback"

"All that glitters: Part 2"
(A bit of Ibiza in the background...)

...a closer look!

Week 1:
    Bring on the brightness, baby!!
Is your head spinning yet?
Week 2:
The constant stimulation was starting to confuse me.. I felt like a newborn at a circus, LOL.

            This, folks, is what I like to call "autumn angst."

 A closer look...

This is what happens when you spend a cloudy day reading "The Alchemist." I think that his constant mention of 'gold' and 'treasures' penetrated my psyche. (I would've even eaten Lucky Charms if I had access to them!) :P

Same terrace, different angle. The castle is actually a lot closer than it looks in this picture. (And I had to walk up over 500 steps to get to it! :O

           "La Pedrera" is in the background. Unfortunately the clouds and distance obscure the hundreds of colors on the building.. I had to get the nails! ;-) 

      All that glitters... (The white powder-looking substance is actually the sunlight reflecting off of the sand and water. Nice!)

View from my terrace. Old meets new!
Beaches are my obsession.


My favorite magazine. (It's almost like they knew!) :-)

    I did these while living in Korea. The beach was close, yet so far.. (Actually, it was a mere bus ride      away, but I had to work, work, work. When in Rome...)

Taken from my apartment in Korea. (Note my art work in the background, done using traditional Korean ink, water, and some kind of animal-fur brush on rice paper. (Thanks for the class, TravelingNatural!) The Korean t.v. is funny, too.

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