My Story!

*After many years of traveling, adventuring, and encountering a ton of interesting pieces, I've finally decided to share my art with the world! When it comes down to it, doing this allows me to challenge myself to keep traveling and making great finds--all while having a blast, of course! I also want to promote the fun aspect of buying and wearing clothing. Usually when we buy clothes we think about how they will make us look, often forgetting about how they will make us feel, let alone what types of adventures that they will encourage! (And what fun is looking cute if there is no exciting story or experience to go with it??) The experience is what I'm after. The pieces on this site have already created interesting stories for me (and will undoubtedly create interesting talking points for you); now it's time to let them create stories for you!  :)

I already know what you're likely thinking: 

"Why should I buy FirstLook, SecondHand products?"

*High-quality. Many of the pieces are made from silk (my favorite material), and it doesn't get any better than that! ;)
*Timeless. You'll be able to wear them indefinitely! They are not "fad" items, so they don't have an expiration date.
*Low-cost. You pay only what you're willing to pay, and not a Mexican peso more! (I only accept American dollars, though..)
Not "cheap." They won't fall apart after two laundry cycles  (That's definitely important!)
*Unique. Not from an enormous warehouse with hundreds of similar items. I only have ONE of each item/color, so you won't see anyone else dressed like you. Not even myself!
*Everything has a fun story!

"But I'd REALLY prefer brand-new items."

No problem! You love the feeling of new fabric against your skin, or maybe you're a big fan of the chemical smell. I understand completely. But if you pay an unusually low price for a new dress, chances are that it will not last through 2 "gentle cycles."

And I'll agree that having something that no one else has ever worn is a great feeling...When you can attain it. The easy access that most shoppers have to fitting rooms means that very few, if any, items from the racks have truly never been worn these days. (Santa is dead. Sorry.) :/

Happy bidding! :)