Spring/Summer Looks

      1)Made in MIA Draping Black Mini Dress

Story:  Well, actually I’m not exactly sure where this dress was made, but I picked it up during a crazy trip to Miami. I actually had no intentions of buying any clothes during this particular trip, BUT as luck (or rather, American Airlines) would have it, I ended up having to buy new items to last me throughout the length of my stay. Yep, they lost my luggage. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not arrived at night during an insanely busy weekend, when getting onto South Beach was nearly impossible due to traffic, and leaving was laughable (No, really…A taxi driver literally laughed when I asked him about leaving).  So there I was racing down Washington, Lincoln and Ocean Drive, trying to find a dress that wouldn’t bankrupt me and that would match the accessories that I had already been wearing…and that wasn’t too commercial. Given my time constraint (Here we go again with the clocks!), I ran into a little shop that was conveniently about to close and grabbed this dress and some shoes to match. I then rushed back to my hotel, and got ready for the melee to ensue... Miami never disappoints!!
Specifics:  Size Small; Cotton; 25 inches long; 16 inches wide; Ties behind neck; Short and stretchy!
Caveats: Left side is prone to lent (no clue why?); MINI dress!

2)  Picnic Perfect Pink, Black, Red and White Floral Sundress 

Story:  This is my favorite picnic dress! It works especially well when the wind is blowing, and you’re flying kites with a gentleman caller. (Lol! What book is that from? “The Scarlet Letter”??) Yeah, girls, this dress is way too cute to wear during your typical girls meet-ups (sorry chicas!) UNLESS you’re going to a park where there’ll be boys in abundance (athletic ones, of course!). Back to the point: I’ve never worn this dress anywhere outside of big, open, green spaces. Given the unique flower print, I think that’s exactly where such a dress belongs…
Specifics:  Size 5; 26 inches long; 15 inches wide; 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex (so it’s not tight/restricting); Cute!
Caveats:  None!

3) Liquid Silver Spring Cream Knit Dress
Story:  I wore this dress on my birthday, the perfect non color. I loved the fact that it was fitted yet stretchy, a cute color, yet no color at all, really. (Given that we were going to a few international restaurants, I dared not wear a black dress.) The funny thing is that I hadn’t realized just how big of a difference the texture would make on a warm day. Yeah…it definitely doesn’t breathe as well as I’d expected, and for that reason I would wear this before the weather topped 75 degrees. (The good thing about it is that you’ll still be warm during those unpredictable spring nights!) :)
Specifics:  Cotton/knit blend; Size Small/Medium; Stretchy; 30 inches long; 14 inches wide; barely noticeable 1.5 inch slit in the back at the very bottom.
Caveats: The hem is unfinished /cut.

4) Bubblegum Pink Retro Choir Girl's Dress

Story: Take a step back—into time. Given the cut, fabric, and movement of this dress, I’m pretty sure that this dress pre-dates even the 70s. From the waist up, it offers complete frontal coverage, save for the deeply-cut dolman sleeves. I wore this dress when I’d grown weary of the modern life, and I lived a day of vintage, complete with restaurants, museums, and even a retro hairstyle! Somehow, I was still able to frolic through the present—the sign of a truly timeless piece. ;)

Specifics: Size “14” (Not even close, but it just shows the age of the dress and how much American sizes have changed. More like a large.); 30 inches long, 16 inches wide; Cotton/polyester blend; Exaggerated arm holes (so cute!); Zipper in back; Light-weight, flowy, free..

Caveats: The hem is unfinished.

      5) "We Like Picnics, Too" Pink Floral, Cross-back Dress

Story:  This is another one from my “picnic day” stash. (Minus the males lol.) Since it’s longer, a little more basic, and a little less fitted, I’ve worn it to corporate picnics (Before you gasp, I’m sure there was a jacket or something involved.), family picnics, and on days when the weather was so nice that I just felt like I should be outdoors. My favorite part is the stringy back, which adds a little something extra to what would otherwise be a simple, pink, floral-print dress. This dress is the embodiment of spring!

Specifics:  Size 7; Cotton; 28 inches long, 16 inches wide; Hidden zipper in back underneath strings.

Caveats: None.

   6) Go Greek or Go Home Cool Purple Smock SOLD!
     Story:  I can’t lie. This smock has not seen fun and crazy times with me at all. (Haha, but I do love the word “smock!” Smock, smock, smocky, smock.) No foreign lands, no picnics (though it’s definitely picnic worthy!), not even so much as a dorm party or quirky museum. (Sigh.) But it’s not for lack of love or even intentional neglect; it’s really because we haven’t had the time to get acquainted. So you could say that we decided to take things slowly, which led to us having a nice, quiet, productive day at….the library! Hey, I learned a lot that day, and I’ve always been told that world-wide reading leads to world-wide experiences, so that’s gotta count for something international, right?? Smock! ;)

Specifics:  Size large; Cotton; 33 inches long, 19 inches wide; faux buttons on each shoulder.

Caveats:  None!