You Wore What??

"Euro Chic"
Things are about to get a lot simpler! Let's see what I can come up with... :n)
 "Urban Vacation."


I made this!!!

Happy birthday, U.S.A.!! (I won't get into politics right now, ha!) Believe it or not this shirt started off as an extra large men's bathrobe (complete with pocket), and the tassel is probably a decoration of some sort lol! Made this in an hour with no pattern, no math, no measuring, (there was no time!), and with the sewing machine set-up on the floor. (Why? Because sitting it on top of a table would've only taken up more of the time that I DIDN'T have!)

As a person who loves surprises, I had to make the back a little more interesting.. It's my favorite part, of course! :^)
(Brings new meaning to "land of the free"!) Cue the fireworks, baby!!! xD

....And this!

                                                  ........And this!!

I didn't make this, but I rocked it! Super old--straight from my aunt's closet!

Stay tuned!! :)

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